Right on the coast of Siquijor, we have dorm units and duplexes built using native materials, which surround a central kitchen and dining facility featuring farm-to-table food.

Social Tourism

On weekly excursions throughout the region, you connect with people and nature, all while being immersed in the community. We also facilitate volunteer opportunities.

Our Founder

Being passionate about the Philippines and is people, he lived as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the central part of the country for almost...

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Why Siquijor?

  • Since 2007 tourism arrivals have increased over 650% to approximately 69,000 overnight stays last year
  • Siquijor has a large number of marine reserves, which the local government is active in promoting environmental awareness.
  • There is an untapped social tourism market in this region of the Philippines
  • Local government agencies and NGO's are actively looking for volunteers to help with projects throughout the island.

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If you want to explore, relax and disconnect, go on adventures, or give back to society, Eco Siquijor is the fulfilling choice